If you are a beginner and are going to choose your first vape kit or e-cigarette pack, you must think about some important factors. Because your first vape kit shopping can have a major impact on your future vaping experience. So, always start with some research and consultation. Let’s explore the factors that will help you to choose the best vape starter kit for starting your vaping journey!

What Should be the Style and Size of Vaping Devices?

Generally, there are four primary styles of a vaping device: e-cigs, pen vape, pod vape, and box vape.

Disposable e-cigs have a disposable pod and a rechargeable battery. The pod contains nicotine-infused e-liquids and the heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. Disposable cig-a-likes or a closed system device are also a great option for switching to vaping. They are convenient to carry and use, lightweight, and portable. Heavy users also find these devices very useful, because they get rid of carrying multiple batteries and refilling tanks with them throughout their day.

Vape pens have pen-like shapes that come in thin and long shapes. They have a long-life and rechargeable battery. You can also refill your vape pen with your favorite e-liquids. You can customize and upgrade some pen vapes for adjustable power features but to a certain limit.

Pod vapes have the simplest design as they are buttonless, rechargeable, and easy to use. An open system device like a pod comes in e-liquid-prefilled packaging. You can also refill other vapes (pods, mods, etc.) with your desired e-liquids. Pods are a good option for beginners but are the best choice for vapers who love to customize or upgrade their devices according to their desires.

Box mod vapes are the vaping devices that can give you more features with high variability. The mod battery of these devices have generally a cuboid shape with a small chip. The chip is needed for a digital display screen and other personalization features for your vaping experience.

What Should be the Type of Vaping Inhalation for a Vape Kit?

It is important to consider the type of draw and inhalation you would get from your e-cigarette. Usually, there are two types of vaping inhalation: mouth to lung (MTL) vaping and direct to lung (DTL) vaping.

MTL vapes like disposable e-cigs are designed to replicate your vaping inhalation just like you would get from a tobacco cigarette. For example, your vapor will draw into your mouth first and then go into your lungs. MTL vaping devices have a limited power design and deliver only a moderate amount of vapor similar to the volume as cigarette delivers. Mouth to lung kits are best known for a regular throat hit and satisfying sensation option, especially for beginners who switch to vaping.

DTL vapes come in usually higher-powered devices that are capable of producing a large volume of vapor. Because of this, the vapor draws directly into your lungs rather than holding in the mouth. Direct to lung e-cigarettes are mimicry designs of a hookah (an instrument to heat or vaporize tobacco for smoke production). So, if you are looking to produce more vapor as a style, a direct to lung open system device is the best alternative to hookah for you.

What Should You Consider About The Battery of Vaping Devices?

Usually, e-cigarettes have two kinds of battery structures: removable and non-removable batteries. The e-cigs and disposables having removable batteries are powered by removable or replaceable battery cells. You can charge your battery through a charging cable without removing it from your vape. But some vapes have a removable battery that is needed to charge via an external battery charger after removing it from your vape. Removable battery devices are a great choice. You can buy the second battery set and replace the cells when the charge level drops, so you can use your devices over a long period.

Non-removable battery, also known as an internal battery, has built-in cells for your vape device that are not needed to be removed. These batteries are charged within your vape if you use a charging cable. If you don’t want to worry about replacing or keeping an extra battery set, you can choose an internal battery vape.

What Should You Consider About Your Vape Operation and Power Wattage?

While buying your vape, it is necessary to know how your vape will work. So, you can see three different sorts of vaping device operations: buttonless, single-button, and multi-button device operations.

Buttonless vapes are very simple to use as you don’t need to press any button for starting your vape. Its battery works by engaging the pressure of your inhalation and mimicking the ignition experience just like smoking. Buttonless e-cigarettes don’t need any learning and they are portable for on-the-go vaping.

A single-button-operated vape has a battery that activates if you push a button. You would not find other buttons or features, therefore its operation is also easy to learn.

Multi-button vapes are more complex to operate than the previous two kinds of vape devices, but an open system device has many customizable options for you. You would find at least three buttons: a fire button (for battery management), a plus button, and a minus button (to adjust the device power level). On some vaping devices, more buttons are available for multiple functions like screen customization, temperature settings, and more.

Buttonless or single-button operated vapes usually have fixed power wattage and are easy to operate. You can’t change the voltage amount of the coil to get a variable temperature. While an adjustable power vape helps you to set the appropriate wattage or temperature for the coil. This kind of device needs you to learn its operations.

What Should You Consider About Vaping Tank Quantity and E-liquid Quality of Vape Kit?

Beginners can buy disposable vapes that have already filled tanks. When the tanks are finished, you can replace the whole device. LIX Plus+ disposables fulfill your all vaping needs. LIX Plus+ disposables are easy-to-use, have pocket-friendly size, and have a long-life battery. They have the smoothest nicotine salt e-liquid infused with deep flavoring tanks that give a better vaping experience.

LIX E-liquids also give you saving benefits as you can use them for refilling your closed system device. Instead of throwing away your vape pen or pod every 2 weeks, you just need to refill the tank and replace the coil.

Most vape tanks have a capacity for 2ml e-liquid quantity, though the tank capacity depends on how much quantity you use for vaping or cloud production.

Tasting different e-liquids is one of the most fun parts for vapers. But it is sensible to buy a good quality e-liquid from a reputable supplier. You should also understand PG (propylene glycol)/ VG (vegetable glycerine) ratios that help you to give your desired vaping experience and cloud production. You don’t need to worry about all quality criteria if you buy LIX e-liquids. LIX is a top vaping brand in North America. LIX products follow a high-quality HACCP/cGMP manufacturing process and are made with the world’s finest quality nicotine source, CNT-nicotine.

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