What is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt, also known as nic salt, is the organic form of nicotine. It is a slightly different chemical than normal or freebase nicotine. Nic salts are complex as they are created when freebase nicotine reacts with an organic acid. That acid may be benzoic (a core benzene ring with carboxylic acid, important for making vape experience smoother) or citric (tricarboxylic acid, gives tart flavor to e-liquids). Some nic salts also have a combination of benzoic and citric acid. The combination of nicotine with an acid makes it less alkaline to reduce the throat sensation while vaping. One milliliter of e-liquid with nic salt lasts for a longer time. It means that you don’t need to inhale much e-liquid to satisfy your nicotine hits.

What is Freebase Nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is the pure form of nicotine found in e-liquids found in the majority of vaping e-liquids and e-cigarettes. It prevents you from consuming excess chemicals found in natural nicotine sources such as tobacco, so you do a cleaner vape.

How Are Nicotine Salts Different From Freebase Nicotine? –

Nicotine Salts vs. Freebases



Nicotine Salts



Salt nicotine e-liquids can be consumed in higher nicotine concentrations.

The freebase clean nicotine e-liquids are suggested to consume in lower amounts to manage nicotine strengths.


Nic salts are recommended to use in low-powered vaping devices such as starter kits, mini pods, pods, etc.

Freebase nicotine e-liquids are more suited to use in high-powered sub-ohm vaping devices such as vape mods.


These salts are best for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping to prevent you inhale excessive nicotine.

If you want to get a direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping sensation, freebase e-liquid is best for you because it helps you to intake lower nicotine concentrations.


When you inhale a nic salt e-liquid, you can have strong throat hits due to its smoothness.

When you inhale a freebase e-liquid, you experience a harsh throat hit due to high nicotine pureness.


When you inhale a freebase e-liquid, you experience a harsh throat hit due to high nicotine pureness.

It quickly absorbs into your body due to the presence of a pure form of nicotine in freebases.


Lower pH of nic salts needs a lower temperature to begin vaping. This means that if you have a smaller vape device that doesn’t have the power as more advanced devices have, you can effectively use nic salt e-liquids.

The high alkalinity of freebase vaping devices needs high-powered ignition, which is good to increase the temperature of e-liquid while vaping.


The lower temperature also helps you to make less dense clouds.

Increasing the temperature of freebase liquids helps you to make more thick clouds.


Because Nic salts oxidize slowly,they have a long shelf life.

Freebase liquid oxidizes quickly, so it has a short shelf life.


You can find limited flavor possibilities like apple, strawberry, etc.

The freebase clean nicotine e-liquids can possess more flavor profiles. You can find limitless possibilities from blueberry pie to pumpkin spice.


What should I Vape? Nicotine Salt or Freebase?

Who Should Do Nicotine Salt Vaping?

Nicotine salts are good for those who have begun their vaping journey. If you are switching from other forms of nicotine to vaping, nicotine salt e-liquids are a great option for you.

If you need long-term satisfaction, nicotine salt e-liquid is the best choice. As it is capable of being absorbed into the body consistently, when generated fewer puffs, it provides a lasting cleaner nicotine sensation.

If you are a heavy tobacco smoker, and choose to start vaping as a means to quit smoking, you should start with nic salt e-liquid starter kits. Nicotine salt vapes satisfy your nicotine cravings much better. Nic salt liquid vaping gives you a passionate and smooth vaping experience that avoids you from overpowering the hits.

Who Should Do Freebase Vaping?

Freebase nicotine e-liquids are preferred by vapers who need lower nicotine concentrations but strong throat hits to maintain a satisfying sensation.

If you want a strong throat hit, just like you would have with a tobacco cigarette, a freebase vape can help you better. Freebase nicotine offers a dense and clean nicotine hit that is much acceptable to a vaper, so, there is no need to increase concentration in vaping e-liquid. Because It meets your passion for cloud-chasing, freebase nicotine may be satisfying.

Do I Have a Choice To Choose the Best Vaping?

Whether your vaping e-liquid has nicotine salt or freebase nicotine, both will interact differently with your body. Your personal preference is a good deciding factor. But before you start vaping, it is crucial to think about your e-liquid contents with clean nicotine. Make sure that you get the best quality e-liquid and satisfying experience from your vape. Another consideration is to ensure your vaping goal. For example, ask yourself, if you are vaping as a smoking alternative or for something else?