What is VG?

Vegetable glycerine (VG) is a sweet, thick, odourless, and colorless food-safe liquid that makes
vapors with luscious clouds. VG is one of the e-liquid components used for vaping and is particularly
used in varying amounts of specific ratios.

Features of VG in Vaping E-liquids

VG is taken from vegetable oils naturally, but it can also be synthesized artificially.
VGs also let you get more sweetness from your e-liquid because they are naturally sweet. High
concentrations of VG are capable of changing e-liquid flavors to sweeter.
Vegetable glycerine liquid makes your vapes smoother, giving you fewer throat hits to experience
the sensation with smoothness.
Due to its use in food and medicine, the FDA has approved VG as a safe-to-use ingredient.
It is known as non-toxic sugar alcohol.
Unlike PG, it is non-allergic, especially to propylene glycol-sensitive vapors.

Which is the Best Vaping E-liquid?

Many e-liquids such as LIX e-Liquids are developed with the cleanest and best quality nicotine salts
available on the market. You can get a wide range of your favorite fruity flavors and a higher ratio
concentration of VG in LIX e-liquids. New vapers can get all the good features and the smoothest
throat hit sensation of 60% VG/ 40% PG in your vaping e-liquid.
Contact us to experience the most authentic and superb tobacco taste with the LIX line of e-liquids

What is Disposable Vape and Why is it So Popular?

What is a Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape, also known as a closed system vaping device is a small, super light and non-rechargeable compact device loaded with e-liquids. The disposable vaping device is the perfect
option for those who travel day and night or who have a busy lifestyle that includes regular
Many people prefer disposable vaping because it is the cheapest way to enter the world of e-cigarette vaping and an ideal option for those who want to quit tobacco comfortably. A disposable
vape doesn’t have any buttons to turn on or turn off vaping device. You only need to inhale and
exhale, making it a gratifying solution for people who would like a hassle-free vaping experience.
Disposables come in nicotine salts e-liquid, so people looking for freebase e-liquid devices should
use an open system device like a mod or pod.

Why Has Disposable Vape Gained Popularity?

The United States FDA finalized enforcement, referred to as the Flavored Pod Ban in January 2020.
This ban prevented shop owners from selling refillable cartridges of fruity or flavored e-liquids. The
said ban caused trouble to those who primarily like to refill vaped sweet and fruity liquids on their
Luckily, disposable vapes managed to escape this ban. They are available in all flavors across the
country unless any specific state laws ban them. As a result, many fruity flavor lovers have shifted to
disposable vapes. Disposable vapes have beaten all e-cigarettes vapes by comparison. They are
cheap, user-intuitive, and easily portable. You don’t need to charge the cartridge or refill the tank of
your disposable vaping compact device. There are no buttons or wires that you must use to turn
your device on and off every time you want to use or stop using it. All you need to do is to put the
vapor out of your pocket and start vaping. Flavored Pod added extra popularity to disposable vapes.

How do Disposable Vapes Work?

Disposable vapes work the same way as regular vape kits. They have a battery, a coil, and a tank. The
vape coil and the vape juice or e-liquid get placed inside the tank Power is transferred to the vape
coil by the battery, which heats the e-liquid and creates evaporation for inhalation.

What Kinds of Disposable Vapes Are Out There?

Disposable vapes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and features in the market. The most
popular type is a small, lightweight rectangular or cylindrical vaping compact device such as bar
disposables, vape pen disposables, etc. Its size is almost equal to your finger with a 1-1.5mL e-liquid

Close System Vaping Device

The cartridge disposables belong to closed system vaping devices which are already pre-filled with eliquids. Unlike a pod, you don’t need to wait for the cartridges to run out. you can reinsert a new
cartridge, which is half-full.
In addition, a variety of new and exciting disposable vape gadgets are available in the market.
Disposable CBD vapes, LIX Vapes, hookah pens, and energy and vitamin inhalers permit users to
customize their product design and abilities.

Key Benefits of Disposable Vape

Disposable Vaping does not require any additional charges or skills from the user. A rise in tobacco
prices led nicotine lovers and tobacco quitters to look for good-quality disposables.
Primary benefits of disposable vaping gadgets:
Vapor provides the cleanest tobacco-free nicotine smoke, which is similar to a standard cigarette
smoke sensation.
A disposable e-cigarette vaping device is already charged and loaded with e-liquids; no maintenance
or cleaning is required.
A disposable vape compact device is lightweight and small, easily hidden in any pocket compared to
other electronic devices. You can quickly unwrap the vape without any hassle and start vaping.
The nicotine salt steam of this e-cigarette vape gadget is harmless. It does not harm anyone around
you and does not settle on objects.
Disposable vape e-cigarettes have proven to be the best way to quit smoking. It has different
concentrations of liquid nicotine, which help you gradually decrease its use. You can give up using
the substance without any mental or emotional discomfort.

LIX Plus+ is the Best Disposable Vape Trial Product

Disposable vape is the most popular e-cigarette device of 2022. If we talk about the best disposable
vape gadget, then LIX Plus disposables are now becoming a customer favorite vaping device around
the world. The Disposable vape device by LIX Vapes is pre-filled with good quality smooth nicotine
salts of different nicotine strengths. LIX Plus Nicotine salts Disposables have a long-life battery and
are available in a range of deep and unique fruity-tasting flavors. Smokers who want to switch to
vaping would find the LIX Vapes’ nicotine salts e-liquid disposable device a perfect choice to try as an
entry gadget. Existing vapers, on the other hand, would find it the best way to quit smoking to relish
a range of scrumptious nicotine salt flavors.

Thinking of Quitting Smoking? Here’s Why Vape Is The Best Way to Start

Quitting tobacco smoking is a difficult and tedious task, but it’s easier to get on the right track once
you understand the detrimental impacts on both your personal and social life.

Better for Health

Tobacco contains tar, lead, arsenic, and 7000 other harmful carcinogens. The American Lung
Association reported tobacco use and its second-hand smoke (passive smoking, the released smoke
inhaled by nearby persons) exposure to be responsible for more than 480,000 deaths each year in
the United States. Tobacco smoking-related diseases are also the leading cause of preventable
deaths in the UK.
E-liquids used in vaping contain fewer chemicals than tobacco cigarettes They are perishable,
diminishing the danger of accumulating toxins in your body, especially your lungs.
People who switch to vaping are likely to observe improvements in their health like decreased blood
pressure, comfortable breathing, improved immune system, and improved taste and smell
sensations. Their lung function also seemed to be improved.

Cheaper than Smoking

A British study showed that a smoker spends an average of about £1700 (almost $2100) every year
on cigarettes. This estimate will, of course, not be the same for everyone as some factors may affect
this estimation like the type of cigarettes, cigarette retailer, etc.
In contrast, vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking. Vaping brings a one-time investment with
no upfront costs on an ongoing basis. It is, therefore, considerably cheaper than smoking tobacco
cigarettes. Total spending of around £90 per year was estimated for a mid-level, beginner-friendly
closed system vaping device and its accessories. Bulk purchases for vaping e-liquids and accessories
can also create a massive decline in your ongoing costs if compared to smoking. The average good
quality e-liquid cost for 10ml was found as £7. If a vaper consumes about 10ml of e-liquid in a week,
it counts as only £364 cost for one year. Even a heavy vaper can slash his yearly costs by slightly
more than half if compared to smoking pack purchases for the year.

Vaping as an Effective Strategy

Vaping is an effective strategy when it comes to quitting smoking. Research results have
continuously shown that vaping for tobacco-free living is nearly twice as effective as conventional
nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs). It quenches your smoking cravings without posing a danger
to your health. The act of inhaling and exhaling vapors through an open system device or closed
system vaping device mimics tobacco smoking, hence, satisfying your smoking cravings. Different
nicotine strengths of e-liquids help you to reduce your nicotine intake over time until you become a
smoke-free person completely.

Second-hand Vapor – Not As Risky as Passive Smoking

An exhaled (second-hand) tobacco smoke has a lot of harmful products including about 70
carcinogens (cancer-causing elements). People in the vicinity of a tobacco smoker can involuntarily
inhale the tobacco smoke and face health risks. Second-hand vapors don’t have any effects like
tobacco smoke on passive inhalers. This is because e-liquid vapor from a mod or open system device
evaporates very fast and does not stay longer in the air. This tobacco-free living prevents the
chances of being inhaled by surrounding people. Additionally, freebase or nicotine salts’ vapor
doesn’t linger and compromises the air quality even if you vape in a poorly or non-ventilated room.
Similarly, other ingredients like PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) bases in nicotine
salts and e-liquid vapors are also deemed to be safe to inhale.

Vape! – Where You Can’t Smoke

Although there is no restriction to step out for vaping, some companies and public places restrict
you from vaping. You can use your mod to produce vape clouds when you are at home with your
family or with your smoke-sensitive friends. You, as a result, can vape safely because you don’t
intend to produce tobacco-like harmful contents in public or around others.

More Vape Flavors Choices than Tobacco Flavor

Tobacco smokers have fewer flavor options, while you can find no limit to vaping e-liquid flavors.
Freebase and nicotine salts E-liquids give you the opportunity to vape with highly safe flavor
formulations and cleanest nicotine ingredients like LIX e-liquid products. All e-liquid ingredients
found in LIX products are sourced by the world’s high-quality flavoring manufacturers and top
nicotine suppliers (CNT). High standard manufacturing methods are followed in bringing a large
range of LIX e-liquid flavors to you. You can therefore enjoy diverse flavors coupled with good
quality nicotine content in your nic salt e-liquid.

How Disposables (LIX Plus) can help as a trial product before fully switching to vaping full time?

Our LIX products are user-friendly, portable, and rechargeable known as LIX Plus+ disposables. You
can find deep-flavored infused nicotine salts LIX Plus+ packaging as the best trial product before you
switch completely to full-time vaping. If you are still confused about finding the best way to quit
smoking for living a tobacco-free life or have any queries about choosing LIX Plus+ disposables as the
best and most durable vaping partner, please feel free to contact us and get advice on how to quit
tobacco and to switch to vaping!

Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Vape Kit

If you are a beginner and are going to choose your first vape kit or e-cigarette pack, you must think
about some important factors. Like most things, your first experience with a vape kit can set the
stage for future expectations. Research and consultation, therefore, are highly advisable. Let’s
explore some of the most basic factors you must keep in mind when starting your vaping journey!

What’s the Best Style and Size of Vaping Devices?

Generally, there are four primary styles of vaping devices: e-cigs, pen vape, pod vape, and box vape.
Disposable e-cigs have a pod and a rechargeable battery. The pod contains nicotine-infused e-liquids
and the heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. Disposable cig-a-likes or a closed system device
are also great options for new vape users. They are convenient to carry and use, lightweight, and
portable. Heavy users also find these devices very useful, because they get rid of the hassle of
carrying multiple batteries and refilling tanks throughout their use.
Vape pens have pen-like shapes (hence the name) and have a long life and rechargeable battery. You
can also refill your vape pen with your favorite e-liquids. You can further customize and upgrade
some pen vapes for adjustable power features but only to a certain limit.
Pod vapes have the simplest design as they are buttonless, rechargeable, and easy to use. An open
system device like a pod comes in e-liquid-prefilled packaging. You can also refill other vapes (pods,
mods, etc.) with your desired e-liquid. Pods are a good option for beginners but are the best choice
for vapers who love to customize or upgrade their devices according to their desires.
Box mod vapes are vaping devices that can give you more features with high variability. The mod
battery of these devices have generally a cuboid shape with a small chip. The chip is needed for a
digital display screen and other personalization features for your vaping experience.

What Should be the Type of Vaping Inhalation for a Vape Kit?

It is important to consider the type of draw and inhalation you would get from your e-cigarette.
Usually, there are two types of vaping inhalation: mouth to lung (MTL) vaping and direct to lung
(DTL) vaping.
MTL vapes like disposable e-cigs are designed to replicate the inhalation of a tobacco cigarette. For
example, your vapor will draw into your mouth first and then go into your lungs. MTL vaping devices
have a limited power design and deliver only a moderate amount of vapor similar to the volume as
cigarette delivers. Mouth-to-lung kits are best known for a regular throat hit and satisfying sensation
option, especially for beginners who switch to vaping.
DTL vapes come in usually higher-powered devices that are capable of producing a large volume of
vapor. Because of this, the vapor draws directly into your lungs rather than held in your mouth.
Direct-to-lung e-cigarettes are mimicry designs of a hookah (an instrument to heat or vaporize
tobacco for smoke production). So, if you are looking to produce more vapor as a style, a direct-tolung open system device is the best alternative to hookah for you.

What Should You Consider About the Battery of Vaping Devices?

Usually, e-cigarettes have two kinds of battery structures: removable and non-removable batteries.
For rechargeable devices, you can charge your battery through a charging cable without removing it
from your vape. But some vapes have a removable battery that is needed to charge via an external
battery charger. Removable battery devices are a smart choice as you can buy a second battery set
and replace the cells when the charge level drops, allowing you to use your devices over a long
Non-removable battery, also known as an internal battery, has built-in cells for your vape device that
do not need to be removed. These batteries are charged within your vape if you use a charging
cable. If you don’t want to worry about replacing or keeping an extra battery set, an internal battery
vape is the best way to go.

What Should You Consider About Your Vape Operation and Power Wattage?

While buying your vape, it is necessary to know how your vape will work. There are three different
types of vaping device operations: buttonless, single-button, and multi-button device operations.
Buttonless vapes are very simple to use as you don’t need to press any button for starting your vape.
Its battery works by engaging the pressure of your inhalation and mimicking the ignition experience
just like smoking. Buttonless e-cigarettes are user-friendly and portable for on-the-go vaping.
A single-button-operated vape has a battery that activates if you push a button. You would not find
other buttons or features, therefore its operation is also easy to learn.
Multi-button vapes are more complex to operate than the previous two kinds of vape devices, but
an open system device has many customizable options for you. You would find at least three
buttons: a fire button (for battery management), a plus button, and a minus button (to adjust the
device power level). On some vaping devices, more buttons are available for multiple functions like
screen customization, temperature settings, and more.
Buttonless or single-button operated vapes usually have fixed power wattage and are easy to
operate. You can’t change the voltage amount of the coil to get a variable temperature, in contrast
to adjustable power vapes which help you do just that. This type of device might be technically
challenging for some users.

What Should You Consider About Vaping Tank Quantity and E-liquid Quality of Vape Kit?

Beginners can buy disposable vapes that have pre-filled tanks. When these finish, you can replace
the whole device. LIX Plus+ disposables are easy-to-use, portable, and have a long-life battery. They
also have a smooth nicotine salt e-liquid infused with deep flavoring tanks that provide a better
vaping experience.
LIX E-liquids are also economically viable as they can be used as refills for your closed system device.
Instead of throwing away your vape pen or pod every 2 weeks, you just need to refill the tank and
replace the coil.
Most vape tanks have a capacity for 2ml e-liquid quantity, though the tank capacity depends on how
much quantity you use for vaping or cloud production.
Tasting different e-liquids is one of the best parts of shopping for vapers. It is, however,
recommended to buy a good quality e-liquid from a reputable supplier. You should also be aware of
PG (propylene glycol)/ VG (vegetable glycerine) ratios that help set the desired vaping experience
and cloud production. LIX is a reputable vaping brand in North America. The brand’s products
undergo a high-quality HACCP/cGMP manufacturing process and are made with the world’s finest
quality nicotine source, CNT-nicotine.
If you still need any assistance choosing your first vape kit, you can contact us.

Open-End Systems vs Closed-End Systems – Which One is Better?

Open-end systems and closed-end systems are the terminologies used to define the two main kinds
of e-cigarettes. The main difference between them is the e-liquid delivery to the heating mechanism.
For instance, you need to refill your open-end device tank manually with an e-liquid that reaches the
heating unit, while the closed-end device comes in filled tanks with an already dipped heating unit in
its e-juice.

What is Open-End System Vapor?

The open pod e-cig device has a removable mouthpiece, and a tank to hold the juice. The word
“open” reflects refillable pods.
The average shelf life of a coil in an open pod device is 1-2 weeks. It depends on the e-liquids used in
it, the usage amount of e-liquid, and device set quality.
Whether you are looking to target flavor or nicotine strength, LIX, a top vaping brand in North
America, offers products that meet the highest quality standard with a wide range of vaping e-liquid
choices. LIX e-liquids are formulated with the purest and cleanest nicotine to add the best freebase
e-liquid flavor blends into your open system device.

What is Closed-End System Vapor?

This system contains a mouthpiece built into the closed system e-cig cartridge along with a smaller
tank-like juice cartridge. This e-cartridge is screwed onto its rechargeable battery for heating the
One closed system device saves you the cost of one pack of cigarettes. In this sense moving to
closed-end vaping may bring remarkable savings.

Pros and Cons of Vaping Devices

Pros of Open-End Systems

An open system device gives you the freedom of choosing e-liquids with your favorite flavor and
even your desired nicotine strength.
They usually come in the form of regular vaporizer sizes like vape pens.
They are portable.
Open-End devices like sub-ohm and mod, are reusable and refillable.
They have a strong and rechargeable battery to deliver you a long-time carrying vape experience.
You can produce bigger and denser clouds through an open vape system.

Cons of Open-End Systems

The open system device requires you to press a button for activating the heating element.
They have a tank that you fill manually with your e-juice once you run out.
Open-end e-cig device requires manual cleaning and maintenance to keep them working properly.
They may have big and unmanageable sizes.
While buying an open pod mod device for yourself, you must consider the wicks and battery to be
perfect. For example, it would be a mistake to buy a cheap open-end system device with a nonsuitable wattage battery. This kind of device would not be capable of heating your e-liquid properly
and you may end up experiencing a poor vaping sensation.
Your open system vapor can get out of order if you use non-suitable e-liquids. You must check
whether e-liquid will work well with higher VG content in the e-juice.
You have to carry your e-liquid bottle around you for refilling purposes if traveling for a longer time.

Pros of Closed-End Pod Systems

The disposable closed-system pods help the new users vape without carrying a large or complicated
device and an e-liquid to fill their pods.
The experienced vapers can keep a closed pod system backup device with them to tackle the
situations of battery drainage.
The closed system pod has a simple design with no hassle to clean or perform maintenance of a
closed system pod mod.
It has a rechargeable battery.
It does not require you to trigger a button to inhale your juice from the device and activate the
heating element.
The use of nicotine salts in your closed system device such as pod vapes gives you a more satisfying
nicotine vape than a regular freebase nicotine e-juice.

Cons of Closed-End Pod Systems

To make a closed-end system device work, you need to insert a pre-filled cartridge or pod into your
If you are not careful about keeping your stuff with you, you can lose your pod easily.
Closed system vapors can also be costly as you can’t refill them until you spend money on buying
another new vape pen.
A closed system vapor can be expensive for heavy nicotine users as they must buy more pods if they
find themselves running out of a single pod in a day,
Because you must dispose of your disposable empty pods, your closed system device waste can be
superfluous to community waste.
The closed system pod comes with a basic variety of tastes like sweet to fruity, tobacco, smoke, and
menthol e-liquids. Users, therefore, have a limited range to enjoy different flavors.
Closed-End devices come in ready-to-use tanks with the prefilled nicotine-strength liquid and don’t
give you nicotine level choices. You therefore can’t change them according to your desire like in an
open-end system device. If you decide to buy a closed-End pod device, you must consider nicotine
strength before you do.

Did You Find the Answer to Choosing Your Perfect Vaping Device?

Closed-end pod systems and open-end pod systems both have their places in the market of vape
devices. If you need a more streamlined experience, closed pod systems will suit you best. A closed
system device is also a perfect choice for smokers who need to switch into the world of vaping
easily. Closed-system pod sets you free from cleaning the device.
While open-end system e-cigarettes are often the choice for beginners and mouth-to-lung vapers,
experienced vapers also keep an open system device as their backup in a more compact option.
You must know your vaping goals and consider the pros and cons of both kinds of vaping devices and
e-liquids to decide. You can also consult LIX’s customer service team for the best-suited vaping