What are Nicotine Salts?

When nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves, this purest form is then combined with organic
acids such as benzoic acid or citric acid. This results in a chemical reaction that leads to nicotine salt

Nicotine salts, also known as nic salts, are vaporized at a low temperature to decrease their pH and
absorb slowly into the bloodstream. Because of its organic nature, it blends easily with liquid to
create a standard vape e-liquid.

Although Nicobrand’s nicotine tartrate has not been approved by FDA yet, WHO has stated nicotine
salts as safe to use in vaping.

Public Health Department England also declares nic salt vaping products 95% safer than smoking.

What Kind of Vapers Can Use Nicotine Salts?

  • Vaping beginners or people who want to quit smoking
  • Vapers who wish to switch to nicotine salts vaping in a more comfortable way
  • Vapers who want to restrain long-lasting nicotine intake cravings
  • Vapers who want to satisfy themselves with vaping similar to smoking

Which Nic Salt Product is Best?

If you are looking for vaping to prevent you from exposure to a large variety of tobacco carcinogens
and tar, LIX Vapes can help you. Our products created with the finest quality nicotine salts give a
smooth experience due to their mellowness, make big puffs without heavy smoke clouds, and feel
soreness in your throat, even at higher dosages. LIX products are sourced by Contraf-NicotexTobacco (CNT). CNT is known as the world’s largest producer and supplier of highly pure nicotine to
the pharmaceutical industries for over 30 years. These products are known as the world’s cleanest
nicotine salts products developed under high-quality manufacturing standards like cGMP/HACCP.
Our LIX Nitro e-liquids. Nic salt product ranges are also best for mouth-to-lung vaping (MTL) and
come with a longer shelf life

What is PG?

Propylene glycol, also known as PG, is a thin, sweet, and natural liquid with no odor. It is one of the
major components of e-cigarette liquids. E-cigarettes convert PG to extremely tiny droplets and
produce smoke.
Our body metabolizes this propylene glycol just like alcohol. The Health Canada US and European
food authorities have declared it safe to use.

What Does PG Do with Your Vaping E-liquid?

PG locks the moisture and solvent features of your e-liquids to retain their quality.
It works as a carrier for nicotine and flavors used in e-liquids.
It thins down the viscosity of vegetable glycerine (VG) in e-liquids to make it easier for vapors to fill
their tank.
It keeps all the e-liquid contents mixed with VG and helps the liquid to vaporize well.

How to Get the Best Quality E-liquid?

If you like to make less-smoky clouds, you can buy the best quality propylene glycol product from a
reputable vape retailer. You can choose LIX Vapes’ LIX e-Liquids that are prepared with the cleanest
nicotine salts to create a good quality and best-suited PG concentration in your e-liquid base, helping
you experience sharper throat hits. LIX Vapes also offers a wide variety of e-liquids with highintensity flavors. The bottles come in pocket-friendly sizes and easy-to-use for filling your vaping

What is VG?

Vegetable glycerine (VG) is a sweet, thick, odourless, and colorless food-safe liquid that makes
vapors with luscious clouds. VG is one of the e-liquid components used for vaping and is particularly
used in varying amounts of specific ratios.

Features of VG in Vaping E-liquids

VG is taken from vegetable oils naturally, but it can also be synthesized artificially.
VGs also let you get more sweetness from your e-liquid because they are naturally sweet. High
concentrations of VG are capable of changing e-liquid flavors to sweeter.
Vegetable glycerine liquid makes your vapes smoother, giving you fewer throat hits to experience
the sensation with smoothness.
Due to its use in food and medicine, the FDA has approved VG as a safe-to-use ingredient.
It is known as non-toxic sugar alcohol.
Unlike PG, it is non-allergic, especially to propylene glycol-sensitive vapors.

Which is the Best Vaping E-liquid?

Many e-liquids such as LIX e-Liquids are developed with the cleanest and best quality nicotine salts
available on the market. You can get a wide range of your favorite fruity flavors and a higher ratio
concentration of VG in LIX e-liquids. New vapers can get all the good features and the smoothest
throat hit sensation of 60% VG/ 40% PG in your vaping e-liquid.
Contact us to experience the most authentic and superb tobacco taste with the LIX line of e-liquids

What is Disposable Vape and Why is it So Popular?

What is a Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape, also known as a closed system vaping device is a small, super light and non-rechargeable compact device loaded with e-liquids. The disposable vaping device is the perfect
option for those who travel day and night or who have a busy lifestyle that includes regular
Many people prefer disposable vaping because it is the cheapest way to enter the world of e-cigarette vaping and an ideal option for those who want to quit tobacco comfortably. A disposable
vape doesn’t have any buttons to turn on or turn off vaping device. You only need to inhale and
exhale, making it a gratifying solution for people who would like a hassle-free vaping experience.
Disposables come in nicotine salts e-liquid, so people looking for freebase e-liquid devices should
use an open system device like a mod or pod.

Why Has Disposable Vape Gained Popularity?

The United States FDA finalized enforcement, referred to as the Flavored Pod Ban in January 2020.
This ban prevented shop owners from selling refillable cartridges of fruity or flavored e-liquids. The
said ban caused trouble to those who primarily like to refill vaped sweet and fruity liquids on their
Luckily, disposable vapes managed to escape this ban. They are available in all flavors across the
country unless any specific state laws ban them. As a result, many fruity flavor lovers have shifted to
disposable vapes. Disposable vapes have beaten all e-cigarettes vapes by comparison. They are
cheap, user-intuitive, and easily portable. You don’t need to charge the cartridge or refill the tank of
your disposable vaping compact device. There are no buttons or wires that you must use to turn
your device on and off every time you want to use or stop using it. All you need to do is to put the
vapor out of your pocket and start vaping. Flavored Pod added extra popularity to disposable vapes.

How do Disposable Vapes Work?

Disposable vapes work the same way as regular vape kits. They have a battery, a coil, and a tank. The
vape coil and the vape juice or e-liquid get placed inside the tank Power is transferred to the vape
coil by the battery, which heats the e-liquid and creates evaporation for inhalation.

What Kinds of Disposable Vapes Are Out There?

Disposable vapes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and features in the market. The most
popular type is a small, lightweight rectangular or cylindrical vaping compact device such as bar
disposables, vape pen disposables, etc. Its size is almost equal to your finger with a 1-1.5mL e-liquid

Close System Vaping Device

The cartridge disposables belong to closed system vaping devices which are already pre-filled with eliquids. Unlike a pod, you don’t need to wait for the cartridges to run out. you can reinsert a new
cartridge, which is half-full.
In addition, a variety of new and exciting disposable vape gadgets are available in the market.
Disposable CBD vapes, LIX Vapes, hookah pens, and energy and vitamin inhalers permit users to
customize their product design and abilities.

Key Benefits of Disposable Vape

Disposable Vaping does not require any additional charges or skills from the user. A rise in tobacco
prices led nicotine lovers and tobacco quitters to look for good-quality disposables.
Primary benefits of disposable vaping gadgets:
Vapor provides the cleanest tobacco-free nicotine smoke, which is similar to a standard cigarette
smoke sensation.
A disposable e-cigarette vaping device is already charged and loaded with e-liquids; no maintenance
or cleaning is required.
A disposable vape compact device is lightweight and small, easily hidden in any pocket compared to
other electronic devices. You can quickly unwrap the vape without any hassle and start vaping.
The nicotine salt steam of this e-cigarette vape gadget is harmless. It does not harm anyone around
you and does not settle on objects.
Disposable vape e-cigarettes have proven to be the best way to quit smoking. It has different
concentrations of liquid nicotine, which help you gradually decrease its use. You can give up using
the substance without any mental or emotional discomfort.

LIX Plus+ is the Best Disposable Vape Trial Product

Disposable vape is the most popular e-cigarette device of 2022. If we talk about the best disposable
vape gadget, then LIX Plus disposables are now becoming a customer favorite vaping device around
the world. The Disposable vape device by LIX Vapes is pre-filled with good quality smooth nicotine
salts of different nicotine strengths. LIX Plus Nicotine salts Disposables have a long-life battery and
are available in a range of deep and unique fruity-tasting flavors. Smokers who want to switch to
vaping would find the LIX Vapes’ nicotine salts e-liquid disposable device a perfect choice to try as an
entry gadget. Existing vapers, on the other hand, would find it the best way to quit smoking to relish
a range of scrumptious nicotine salt flavors.

What should I vape? Freebase vs Nicotine Salts

What is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt, also known as nic salt, is the organic form of nicotine. It is a slightly different chemical
than normal or freebase nicotine. Nic salts are complex as they are created from the reaction of
freebase nicotine with an organic acid. That acid may be benzoic (a core benzene ring with carboxylic
acid, important for making the vape experience smoother) or citric (tricarboxylic acid, which gives
tart flavor to e-liquids). Some nic salts also have a combination of benzoic and citric acid. The
combination of nicotine with an acid makes it less alkaline which helps reduce the throat sensation
while vaping. One milliliter of e-liquid with nic salt lasts for a long time, satisfying your nicotine urges
with little consumption.

What is Freebase Nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is the pure form of nicotine found in e-liquids found in the majority of vaping eliquids and e-cigarettes. It prevents you from consuming excess chemicals found in natural nicotine
sources such as tobacco, making vaping a cleaner experience.
How Are Nicotine Salts Different From Freebase Nicotine? 
Nicotine Salts vs. Freebases

Nicotine Salts and Freebases

Salt nicotine e-liquids can be consumed in higher nicotine concentrations.
It is suggested to consume freebase clean nicotine e-liquids in lower amounts to manage nicotine
Nic salts are primarily used in low-powered vaping devices such as starter kits, mini pods, pods, etc.
Freebase nicotine e-liquids are more suited to use in high-powered sub-ohm vaping devices such as
vape mods.
These salts are best for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping to prevent you from inhaling excessive nicotine.
If you want to get a direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping sensation, freebase e-liquid is best for you because it
helps you intake lower nicotine concentrations.
When you inhale a nic salt e-liquid, you can have strong throat hits due to its smoothness.
When you inhale a freebase e-liquid, you experience a harsh throat hit due to high nicotine
The lower pH of nic salts needs a lower temperature to begin vaping. This means that if you have a
smaller vape device that doesn’t have the power as more advanced devices have, you can effectively
use nic salt e-liquids.
The high alkalinity of freebase vaping devices needs high-powered ignition to increase the
temperature of e-liquid while vaping.
Lower temperatures help you make less dense clouds.
Increased temperature of freebase liquids helps you make more thick clouds.
Nic salts oxidize slowly, ensuring a longer shelf life.
Freebase liquid oxidizes quickly, resulting in short shelf life.
There are limited flavor possibilities like apple, strawberry, etc.
The freebase clean nicotine e-liquids have a wider range of flavor profiles. You can find limitless
possibilities from blueberry pie to pumpkin spice.

What should I Vape? Nicotine Salt or Freebase?
Who Should Vape Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts are suitable for those who have begun their vaping journey. If you are switching from
other forms of nicotine to vaping, nicotine salt e-liquids are a great option for you.
If you need long-term satisfaction, nicotine salt e-liquid is the best choice. As it is capable of being
absorbed into the body consistently, when generated with fewer puffs, it provides a lasting, cleaner
nicotine sensation.
If you are a heavy tobacco smoker, and choose to start vaping as a means to quit smoking, you
should start with nic salt e-liquid starter kits. Nicotine salt vapes satisfy your nicotine cravings much
better. Nic salt liquid vaping gives you a passionate and smooth vaping experience that avoids you
from overpowering the hits.

Who Should Do Freebase Vaping?

Freebase nicotine e-liquids are preferred by vapers who need lower nicotine concentrations but
strong throat hits to maintain a satisfying sensation.
If you want a strong throat hit, just like you would have with a tobacco cigarette, a freebase vape
can help you better. Freebase nicotine offers a dense and clean nicotine hit that satisfies the vaper,
so, there is no need to increase concentration in vaping e-liquid. It meets your passion for cloud-chasing, further increasing your enjoyment.
Whether your vaping e-liquid has nicotine salt or freebase nicotine, both will interact differently with
your body. Your personal preference is a good deciding factor. But before you start vaping, it is
crucial to think about your e-liquid contents with clean nicotine. Make sure that you get the best
quality e-liquid and a satisfying experience from your vape. Another consideration is to ensure your
vaping goal. For example, ask yourself, if you are vaping as a smoking alternative or for something

Are all Vapes Equal?

The difference between vapes

E-cigs and vapes are different in their appearance. E-cigs are akin to cigarettes, but the vapes or
vaporizers are like fountain pens, that are larger but more powerful than e-cigarettes.

What ingredients are found in a Vaping e-Liquid?

Vape juices in e-cigarettes do not have harmful ingredients found in tobacco such as tar and
carbon monoxide. Instead, there is a liquid in e-cigarettes with a nicotine solution known as
e-liquid or e-juice. In a standard e-Liquid manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing
Practice (CGMP), there are four basic ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol, or vegetable
glycerin base (or sometimes a mixture of PG and VG), flavorings, and water.
The other important ingredients implemented by FDA include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde,
acrolein, diethylene glycol, some metals, and ultrafine additives.


– It is the addictive ingredient found in liquids of e-cigarettes. It acts as a stimulant for
our central nervous system, and it also raises our respiration rate, blood pressure, and heart rate.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) suggested that when nicotine gets entered
the brain, it gives a pleasurable feel. Nicotine vape makers offer a range of nicotine products
from none to 36 milligrams per milliliter of liquid. So, you can choose its strength according to
your needs.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

The FDA generally approves PG as a safe ingredient in vape juice,
since it is formulated in a lab. PG helps makes the smoke better for enhanced vaping
performance. It also helps to retain the taste, moisture, and thickness of your chosen vaping

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

American and Canadian Acts (FDA, and Canada Consumer Product
Safety Act [CCPSA]) declared VG as a safe ingredient found in e-liquids. It has no smell and
color, but a slightly sweet taste. It gives thickness to vaping smoke clouds, smoothness to your
throat hits, and more saturation time to stay in the cartridge.


Over seven thousand flavors can be used in vaping e-liquids. From fruity to
tobacco, a range of almost 7000 flavors gives you an endless variety.

What is a Standard Vaping Device made up of?

A standard vaping device approved by ISO 9001:2015 and American National Standards
Institute (ANSI) has four main parts: cartridge, atomizer, sensor, and battery. The cartridge helps
to hold the e-liquid within the device. It’s cotton in e-cigarettes or a plastic tank in pens and pods.
You can refill it many times. It combines with an atomizer to make a unit. The atomizer is a
heating coil that helps your e-liquid to convert into tiny airborne droplets. The sensors help your
vaping device to turn on when you inhale through e-cigarettes, which means you don’t need to
press the power button while inhaling. There is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery within your
vaping device which gives enough current to the atomizer to heat it and make e-liquid vapors.

What types of vaping e-Liquids are there and why does their quality matter?

Based on your need and vaping device, there are two major types of e-liquids used in vaping,
approved by the FDA and CCPSA.

The first type only belongs to nicotine-infused products in different forms such as raw powder,
CNT (Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco) nicotine salts, and freebase salts of nicotine. If you need a lot of
nicotine, you can use nicotine salts in your pods. Nicotine for this kind of juice is extracted
directly from tobacco but can’t make enough vapors. Prefer nicotine salts if you need low
intensity because that helps make more puffs without a sore throat, though some nicotine vaping
salts have higher nicotine concentrations, which can hook you on more nicotine intakes. Choose
freebase nicotine salts if you use a sub-ohm vaping device. This device requires extra inhaling
and may irritate your throat if overdosed.

The second type of vaping liquid belongs to a class of PG/VG strength ratios. You decide which
ingredient needs to be in a higher or lower concentration within your vaping juice. The prefilled
vape pens and tanks have 50%PG/50%VG, 70 or 80% PG/30 or 20%VG, and 30 or 20%PG/70
or 80%VG strength e-liquids are available in the market. If you want to make more cloudy
vapors, you must try vaping pods with a relatively higher ratio of VG concerning PG strength. To
satisfy your smoking sensation, your vape tank should have an e-liquid with higher VG strength
ratios relative to PG content.

Ranked highly among nicotine manufacturers are Siegfried nicotine manufacturers that follow
high standard quality laws and manufacturing standards including cGMP.

Various reports revealed that local manufacturers use toxic chemicals and unsanitary
by-products in vape juices. If a vape juice manufacturer doesn’t follow FDA’s HACCP and
CCSPA Canadian Food Safety Laws (depending on the jurisdiction you are in) or uses a poor or
dangerous ingredient, it can bring serious harm to your life.

A rusty vape device body case or heating coil even with CNT nicotine may cause adverse
chemical reactions to happen in your vape juice tank, making it dangerous and irritative to your
vaping inhalation. Therefore, you should always buy a premium Siegfried nicotine e-juice and
consider a brand following CGMP quality and ISO 9001:2015 standards for vape product

What Certificates should I consider while choosing a Vaping e-Liquid for me?

To ensure that a high-quality and safe manufacturing process is being followed by a vape juice manufacturer, certain certifications should be considered. Top brand vape juice manufacturers implement American Consumer Safety Acts including ISO 9001:2015, ANSI, HACCP, and CGMP regulations enforced by FDA. ANSI and CGMP. ISO 9001:2015 specifies and implements the best vape quality management systems for the consumers.