Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Vape Kit

If you are a beginner and are going to choose your first vape kit or e-cigarette pack, you must think
about some important factors. Like most things, your first experience with a vape kit can set the
stage for future expectations. Research and consultation, therefore, are highly advisable. Let’s
explore some of the most basic factors you must keep in mind when starting your vaping journey!

What’s the Best Style and Size of Vaping Devices?

Generally, there are four primary styles of vaping devices: e-cigs, pen vape, pod vape, and box vape.
Disposable e-cigs have a pod and a rechargeable battery. The pod contains nicotine-infused e-liquids
and the heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. Disposable cig-a-likes or a closed system device
are also great options for new vape users. They are convenient to carry and use, lightweight, and
portable. Heavy users also find these devices very useful, because they get rid of the hassle of
carrying multiple batteries and refilling tanks throughout their use.
Vape pens have pen-like shapes (hence the name) and have a long life and rechargeable battery. You
can also refill your vape pen with your favorite e-liquids. You can further customize and upgrade
some pen vapes for adjustable power features but only to a certain limit.
Pod vapes have the simplest design as they are buttonless, rechargeable, and easy to use. An open
system device like a pod comes in e-liquid-prefilled packaging. You can also refill other vapes (pods,
mods, etc.) with your desired e-liquid. Pods are a good option for beginners but are the best choice
for vapers who love to customize or upgrade their devices according to their desires.
Box mod vapes are vaping devices that can give you more features with high variability. The mod
battery of these devices have generally a cuboid shape with a small chip. The chip is needed for a
digital display screen and other personalization features for your vaping experience.

What Should be the Type of Vaping Inhalation for a Vape Kit?

It is important to consider the type of draw and inhalation you would get from your e-cigarette.
Usually, there are two types of vaping inhalation: mouth to lung (MTL) vaping and direct to lung
(DTL) vaping.
MTL vapes like disposable e-cigs are designed to replicate the inhalation of a tobacco cigarette. For
example, your vapor will draw into your mouth first and then go into your lungs. MTL vaping devices
have a limited power design and deliver only a moderate amount of vapor similar to the volume as
cigarette delivers. Mouth-to-lung kits are best known for a regular throat hit and satisfying sensation
option, especially for beginners who switch to vaping.
DTL vapes come in usually higher-powered devices that are capable of producing a large volume of
vapor. Because of this, the vapor draws directly into your lungs rather than held in your mouth.
Direct-to-lung e-cigarettes are mimicry designs of a hookah (an instrument to heat or vaporize
tobacco for smoke production). So, if you are looking to produce more vapor as a style, a direct-tolung open system device is the best alternative to hookah for you.

What Should You Consider About the Battery of Vaping Devices?

Usually, e-cigarettes have two kinds of battery structures: removable and non-removable batteries.
For rechargeable devices, you can charge your battery through a charging cable without removing it
from your vape. But some vapes have a removable battery that is needed to charge via an external
battery charger. Removable battery devices are a smart choice as you can buy a second battery set
and replace the cells when the charge level drops, allowing you to use your devices over a long
Non-removable battery, also known as an internal battery, has built-in cells for your vape device that
do not need to be removed. These batteries are charged within your vape if you use a charging
cable. If you don’t want to worry about replacing or keeping an extra battery set, an internal battery
vape is the best way to go.

What Should You Consider About Your Vape Operation and Power Wattage?

While buying your vape, it is necessary to know how your vape will work. There are three different
types of vaping device operations: buttonless, single-button, and multi-button device operations.
Buttonless vapes are very simple to use as you don’t need to press any button for starting your vape.
Its battery works by engaging the pressure of your inhalation and mimicking the ignition experience
just like smoking. Buttonless e-cigarettes are user-friendly and portable for on-the-go vaping.
A single-button-operated vape has a battery that activates if you push a button. You would not find
other buttons or features, therefore its operation is also easy to learn.
Multi-button vapes are more complex to operate than the previous two kinds of vape devices, but
an open system device has many customizable options for you. You would find at least three
buttons: a fire button (for battery management), a plus button, and a minus button (to adjust the
device power level). On some vaping devices, more buttons are available for multiple functions like
screen customization, temperature settings, and more.
Buttonless or single-button operated vapes usually have fixed power wattage and are easy to
operate. You can’t change the voltage amount of the coil to get a variable temperature, in contrast
to adjustable power vapes which help you do just that. This type of device might be technically
challenging for some users.

What Should You Consider About Vaping Tank Quantity and E-liquid Quality of Vape Kit?

Beginners can buy disposable vapes that have pre-filled tanks. When these finish, you can replace
the whole device. LIX Plus+ disposables are easy-to-use, portable, and have a long-life battery. They
also have a smooth nicotine salt e-liquid infused with deep flavoring tanks that provide a better
vaping experience.
LIX E-liquids are also economically viable as they can be used as refills for your closed system device.
Instead of throwing away your vape pen or pod every 2 weeks, you just need to refill the tank and
replace the coil.
Most vape tanks have a capacity for 2ml e-liquid quantity, though the tank capacity depends on how
much quantity you use for vaping or cloud production.
Tasting different e-liquids is one of the best parts of shopping for vapers. It is, however,
recommended to buy a good quality e-liquid from a reputable supplier. You should also be aware of
PG (propylene glycol)/ VG (vegetable glycerine) ratios that help set the desired vaping experience
and cloud production. LIX is a reputable vaping brand in North America. The brand’s products
undergo a high-quality HACCP/cGMP manufacturing process and are made with the world’s finest
quality nicotine source, CNT-nicotine.
If you still need any assistance choosing your first vape kit, you can contact us.

An Evolution of Vaping

If you are new to the vaping world and need to find the best vape device suitable for your needs. A
brief history of vaping devices can help you make an informed decision enhancing the chance of you
having an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
Why Did the Need for Vaping Arise To Replace Tobacco Smoking?
After the surge in popularity of cigarettes in the earlier 20th century, people discovered the threats
tobacco cigarettes pose to health. Even if the filters were created to mitigate the risks, the statistics
of people dying from tobacco-related diseases such as mouth and lung cancer, remained alarmingly
Vaping devices were created to give the users a similar experience to smoking without the added
risks. Instead of a tobacco smoke cloud of harmful chemicals, e-cigs release heated and flavored
vapors that usually have nicotine. No tobacco smoke means no tobacco effects, neither for the user
nor the people around in the form of passive smoking. This is another reason why e-cigarettes are
considered to be 95% less harmful than smoking.

The Invention of the First Vaping Devices

Herbert A. Gilbert was an American who designed and patented the first electronic cigarette in 1963.
Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, underwent a painful experience when his father died of lung cancer
due to tobacco smoking. This inspired him to create a safer alternative to smoking, following in the
footsteps of Gilbert. He too believed that a heated vapor could be used in replacement of tobacco
smoke, so, he invented a better e-cig integrated with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery in a more
portable form.
In 2006, two British vapers combined an atomizer (a part of a vaping device, also known as a heating
coil that heats the e-liquid to make inhalable vapors from it) with a cartridge (container/tank holding
e-liquid) and invented a cartomizer (a combined form of cartridge and atomizer). This innovation
further enhanced the vaping experience, resulting in a boom in the popularity of these vaping
In 2010, the second generation e-cigarette hit the market. This replaced the disposable cartomizers
with refillable tank devices. It proved to be perfect for people who preferred to switch between
different flavors at that time. Currently, it is one of the most popular designs in the vaping market.
Meanwhile, some more vaping enthusiasts modified the e-cigs with flashlights and better
cartomizers. The Chinese manufacturers in particular picked up this idea quickly and developed
different styles of mods (flashlight modification in vaping devices). Some of them have a mechanical
design, while others have complicated electronics that help control the power level to increase or
decrease vape intensity. The latest innovation in vape designs brings models with more battery
power. They produce more vapors and give you a large variety of flavors to choose from.

Evolution in Vaping Devices

Electronic cigarettes became a commercial success in 2003, encouraging innovation with vaping
gadgets now being significantly improved with increased efficiency. These periodic advancements
are categorized into different generations.
E-cig and Disposables – Closed-end System (First Generation) Vaping Devices
E-cigarettes that look similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes are called cig-a-likes. Cig-a-like is the
first-generation closed system vaping device that can either be a disposable e-cig or rechargeable
device. They only create vapors when inhaled.

Who Can Use E-cig Disposable?

Most vapers look for disposable e-cig for an easy-to-use experience because the closed system
vaping device does not require to be recharged or refilled. These also allow them to explore
different flavors. There is also a diverse range of styles they can choose from.
You can choose LIX’s LIX Plus+ disposables that come in five unique flavors for your e-cig vape juices.
The nic salt e-liquids in these customer favorite disposables are formulated with the smoothest and
cleanest nicotine salts. The LIX Plus+ devices come in easy-to-use packaging and are integrated with
a long-life battery with a deeper flavor infusion. You can carry this disposable along with your other
pocket essentials.

Vape Pens – Open-end System (Second Generation) Vaping Devices

In the second generation, vaping devices became more advanced and larger than the Cig-A-Likes.
This increased the power performance of batteries and atomizers. Such devices are called vape pens.
New vapers used them as a starter kit. They have a button that is used to turn the battery on or off.
The clearomizer is another device in the second-generation list. It enables you to see the level of
your e-liquids in your vaping device tank. The clearomizer also acts as the silica wicking that helps to
deliver the e-liquid to the heating coil of the device.

Who Are Best Suited to an Open-end Vaping Device?

Vape pens are the second-best choice for new vapers. These devices are simple to use and effective
in delivering a high nicotine satisfaction experience with flavorful clouds.
Unique signature vape combinations of LIX e-Liquids are customer favorites when it comes to eliquids globally. Their nicotine salts formula is known as the world’s smoothest and cleanest formula
sourced by the CNT’s nicotine supplying market.
LIX e-liquids offer you a wide variety of good quality and splendid flavors for your vape pens that
range from fruity to the most genuine tobacco taste. By choosing a LIX line e-Liquid of your choice
for your open system device, you get to enjoy your nicotine experience with an exciting burst of
LIX Nitro e-liquids are also considered to be the smoothest and cleanest nicotine-sourced nic salt eliquids. You can choose any e-liquid flavor from this range of icy vaping juice on the market. The key
feature of LIX Nitro e-liquids is the proprietary cooling agent that delivers you the summer and
winter experience in one bottle. If you are a fruity hit lover and like to keep a long-lasting cooling
effect all day long, you must choose a LIX Nitro e-liquid for your vape pen. LIX products are also best
for your manageable nicotine strength option. They give you a satisfying throat hit experience while
using a nic salt e-liquid in your open system device.

Mods – Open-end System (Third Generation) Vaping Devices

Third-generation vaping devices are called Mods. The term ‘mod’ originates when vapers use
flashlight modification in their vaping devices. The change in flashlight means modifying the power
wattage of a vaping device. Mods are an advanced and improved version with more power and
personal customization options. Modern-day technology has been incorporated into these vaping
Mods use sub-ohm coils as a heating element in your vaping device. The term ‘sub-ohm’ coil means
that it has a resistance under 1 ohm (a unit of resistance measurement for an electrical material).
This gives the sub-ohm atomizer to increase the wattage to produce more vapors.
Mods come under two categories based on resistance-regulation chips in the devices. The first
category is known as regulated mod devices. These devices have a chip that can control the device’s
electrical current and a variable voltage. This helps you to increase or decrease the device wattage
according to your desire for cloud production. Some other additional and innovative features found
in the regulated type of 3rd generation vaping devices are a digital display, temperature variation
settings for e-liquids, and airflow control. The digital display shows the ohmmeter of the device’s
resistance coil, battery life, puff counter, and temperature settings.
The temperature setting feature in the regulated mod helps the vapers to set the temperature. As a
result, they can get a consistent vape and a controlled flavor intensity. The airflow controlling
feature helps the vapers to modify the throat hit. An increased airflow gives a direct-to-lung hit
experience, while a tighter and lower airflow is better for a mouth-to-lung hit.
The second category belongs to the unregulated mod that does not have any chip to regulate
overheating just like a closed system vaping device. They have a limited resistance coil and are called
mechanical mods. These mods are not ideal for beginner vapers.

Pods – Open-end System (Third Generation) Vaping Devices

Vape pods have the same kind of technology as a mod has, though pods are designed with less
power and a lower temperature. This design of the pod is ideal for salt nicotine-based e-liquids.
Many pod device lovers prefer the closed style of the device. The users can change out the e-juice
from the pod’s open system device tank.

Who Can Use an Open System Device?

Sub-ohm devices are a great way to get the overall best vaping experience.
Pod Mods are very user-friendly and more efficient than cig-a-likes. With an investment similar to
cig-a-likes, vape pods are recommended over cig-a-likes, especially for freebase e-liquids.
The Juice Punks conveys the finest tobacco flavoring in the bottle of TobacNo.7 e-liquid. This e-liquid
range has the best trio of traditional flavors of tobacco profile as Fine Rolling, Cigar, or Pipe. The trio
range is the best option for those seeking a genuine tobacco taste for their open system devices. The
TobacNo.7 e-liquid is formulated under high-quality HACCP manufacturing methods. The Juice Punk
also presents a classic blend of 5 freebase e-liquids with flavors ranging from sweet to savory.
Whether you have a big mod with all your needed features or a slim and pocket-friendly cigarettestyle pod, they’re more advanced and far ahead of Hon Lik’s original invented design of e-cig
disposables. If you have any further questions you can reach our customer service advisors or drop
your questions in their inbox.