Vaping is cheap, especially when you compare it to the cost of smoking. And we don’t just mean in terms of your health. Yes, smoking does cost more in terms of health but it also costs a lot more in terms of money. So, yes, switching to vaping will definitely help you save up. This means that you will get better value for your money, while also preserving your health.


So, really, there’s no reason to say no!


But hey, if you’re still not convinced, we’ll break down the costs for you to understand better. Just read on to find out how vaping can help you save money.


Tips for Saving Money While Vaping

Want to save money while vaping? Well, here are a few tips to help you use yours vape more efficiently to cut down on costs:


1. Use a Low-Power Kit

If you want your e-liquid to last longer then you should really consider switching to low power. Vapers who are fond of making vape clouds and trying tricks aim to create as much vapour as possible. But so much vapour is not really needed for regular vaping, and even a little e-juice would be enough for you to get a kick out of it. So, using a low-powered kit is the first step in saving up.


2. Try MTL Vaping

There are two main techniques in vaping: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL). Now, you might have a certain preference and that’s completely okay. But MTL uses less liquid so if you’re looking to save, then this is a good option. However, MTL might not be very suitable for heavy smokers who just switched from smoking to vaping, so make sure MTL suits you before deciding to go for it.


And you know what?

LIX Vapes provides you with the option of both MTL and DTL, so you can explore both options before making an informed decision. And of course, you can always just switch between both modes depending on preference and all.


3. Buy in Bundles or Bulk

Buying in bulk is always economical and thus, we recommend getting a bundle or buying in bulk to save money. Plus, you can also save on your shipping costs. Although, of course, LIX has a flat $10 shipping rate which is pretty affordable as it is. Still, you can buy the best fruit-flavoured vapes in Canada in bulk and we guarantee it will help you save more.


4. Choose Wisely Between Disposable or Rechargeable

Disposable vapes are cheaper considering you don’t need to pay for any extra coils, e-liquids, etc. This means that they’re cheaper up-front. But for the long term, you might need a rechargeable device if you vape a lot. If you have healthy, regular vaping habits, a disposable vape might be alright but if you’re a little intense you should go for a rechargeable device because a disposable vape will actually cost you more in the long run.


What Other Costs Are Involved in Vaping?

If you vape a disposable device, then there are really no extra costs associated with it, but if you’re using a rechargeable device then you will definitely need to spend on device maintenance every now and then. This includes changing your coil, re-filling e-liquid, replacing the battery, getting an adapter, etc. Of course, this directly depends on your vaping needs. If you vape a lot, then this might cost you a pretty good amount but if you’re an okay-ish vaper, you might just get away with using a disposable vape which is much cheaper up-front.


The Cost of Smoking vs Vaping

Smoking is seriously injurious to health while vaping gives you the same nicotine hit without the extensive damage. Obviously, some brands are also cheaper than others but when you compare vaping and smoking, on the whole, vaping definitely wins majorly over the latter – yes, even if we consider additional costs. In fact, if you think of it this way, smoking costs you more than just money. It costs you your health. And if health is wealth, is it really worth wasting it on smoking when you can still get the same effect from a vape minus the consequences? And you’re also saving up in terms of money. Do you even need another reason to switch?


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