Smoking is bad – seriously bad. You’re practically taking in tar and tobacco to destroy your lungs, and this lethal combination has been linked to thousands of deaths worldwide. And that’s why we recommend vapes as an effective tool to quit tobacco. You can easily get the same nicotine hit without having to deal with the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes. But not all vapes satisfy the same, and you really shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best!

We understand that heavy smokers tend to have higher nicotine requirements, of course. But that doesn’t mean you can’t switch because modern vapes come in several different nicotine strengths to cater to all audiences. Sure, your nicotine requirement might be a little above average and that can obviously be challenging – but there is still hope for you. Yes, a small vaping device like an e-cigarette or a disposable vape isn’t going to satisfy you. You will need a proper vaping kit to get you through the day. In fact, we’ve prepared a complete guide for you to choose the best vape brand to satisfy the heavy smoker within you!


The Best Vape for a Heavy Smoker

If you’re switching from smoking to vaping, you’ll probably want to experience the same feeling that a cigarette provides, which means a tight airflow that really slaps the palette. You want something that throat hit and that nicotine-heavy flavour as well. Basically, you want to feel like you’re smoking a cigarette even if you’re actually not.

So, here’s a list of things to consider to make your switch easier, and definitely worth it!


1. High Strength E-Liquid

If you have high nicotine requirements, then you obviously need a vape with high nicotine content. And of course, the cleanest smoothest vapes in Canada, LIX, make sure you get only pure nicotine for maximum pleasure. Thus, you should go for a vape that is high in nicotine strength, vapour production, and purity.


2. Throat Hit – Mouth to Lung Technique

The intense throat hit that we talked about can be easily achieved through the mouth to lung vaping. This would be the optimum vaping method for heavy smokers looking to replicate the effect of cigarettes. Also, we recommend using the highest nicotine level initially, so you won’t be tempted to smoke cigarettes. And of course, you can gradually reduce nicotine content with time if you want to limit your intake. When you leave cigarettes behind, you’re bound to experience withdrawal symptoms but this is the most important stage if you want to quit for good. Thus, it’s best to start off with high nicotine percentages if it means you won’t go back to cigarettes. Eventually, you might even be able to bring this number down to 0mg nicotine, if you follow our strategy.


3. Keep It Simple

If you’re just starting vaping, you probably want to choose a simple device that’s not too complicated, at least until you get the hang of things. Therefore, we recommend opting for the cleanest smoothest vapes in Canada, LIX, because they’re committed to providing a no-hassle vaping experience. Yes, their devices are not chargeable but that’s only because new vapers shouldn’t have to be too overwhelmed thinking about voltages, battery life, and the like. Obviously, if you’re trying to quit smoking, you’re already going through a lot – and you deserve a break.


4. Consider the PG/VG Ration

Other than sweeteners, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are the major constituents of vape juice. They are what make the texture of the vape clean and smooth. And for heavy smokers, this is especially important, so they don’t feel the need to revert back to smoking. For the ideal blend of flavour, heat, and thickness, we suggest going for a 50/50 ratio of PG/VG. This would help effectively replace the high that heavy smokers are used to.


5. Go for a Classic Flavour

Heavy smokers are fond of the typical tobacco flavour, and thus, to ensure a smooth transition from smoking to vaping, we recommend that you go for a classic tobacco-esque vape flavour rather than a fruity one, at least initially. Smoking fruity juices is obviously super enjoyable but when trying to quit smoking, it’s probably best that you stick to what you’re used to so that you’re not tempted to smoke a cigarette.


6. Try Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are genuinely the best option for heavy smokers because they’re rich in nicotine and ensure much faster absorption of nicotine in the bloodstream. Thus, they could be a better alternative to freebase nicotine. You even get an effective throat hit that you crave. So, if nothing else, it’s definitely worth a try!


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Now that you’ve decided to switch to vaping, you’ll need to know the best vaping options. And LIX Vapes is by far the best vape brand in Canada, especially for heavy smokers. So, if you need vapes, this is where you should start!