Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a sweet, thick, odorless, and colorless food-safe liquid that makes vapors with luscious clouds. VG is one of the e-liquid components used for vaping and particularly used in varying amounts of specific ratios.

Features of VG in Vaping E-liquids

  • VG is taken from vegetable oils naturally, but it can also be synthesized artificially.
  • VGs also let you get more sweetness from your e-liquid because they are naturally sweet. So, high concentrations of VG are capable of changing e-liquid flavors to sweeter.
  • Vegetable glycerin liquid makes your vapes smoother. So, it gives you fewer throat hits to experience the sensation with smoothness.
  • Due to its use in food and medicine, the FDA has approved VG as a safe-to-use ingredient.
  • It is known as non-toxic sugar alcohol.
  • Unlike PG, it is non-allergic, especially for propylene glycol-sensitive vapors.

Which is the Best Vaping E-liquid?

Many e-liquids such as LIX e-Liquids are developed with the cleanest and good quality nicotine salts available in the market. You can get a wide range of your favorite fruity flavors and a higher ratio concentration of VG in LIX e-liquids. New vapers can get all the good features and the smoothest throat hit sensation of 60% VG/ 40% PG in your vaping e-liquid.

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