Propylene glycol, also known as PG, is a thin, sweet, and natural liquid with no odor. It is one of the major components of e-cigarette liquids. E-cigarettes convert PG to extremely tiny droplets and produce smoke.

Our body metabolizes this propylene glycol just like alcohol. The Health Canada US and European food authorities have announced it as safe-to-use.

What Does PG Do With Your Vaping E-liquid?

  • PG locks the moisture and solvent features of your e-liquids to retain their quality.
  • It works as a carrier for nicotine and flavors used in e-liquids.
  • It thins down the viscosity of vegetable glycerine (VG) in e-liquids to make it easier for vapors to fill their tank.
  • It keeps all the e-liquid contents mixed with VG and helps the liquid to vaporize well.

How to Get the Best Quality E-liquid?

If you like to make less-smokey clouds, you can buy the best quality propylene glycol product from a reputable vape retailer. You can also choose LIX Vapes’ LIX e-Liquids that are prepared with the cleanest nicotine salts to make a good quality and best-suited PG concentration in your e-liquid base, so you can experience sharper throat hits. LIX Vapes also offers a wide variety of fruity-tasting e-liquids with high intensity for flavors that give fruit-loving consumers a sharper flavor hit. The bottles come in pocket-friendly sizes and easy-to-use for filling your vaping tank.